Friday, July 15, 2011

Grand Theft Auto IV

    Hey guys!  Spooge here!  Today I want to tell you what I think about GTA IV.  GTA IV is not only an amazing single player game, but also a fantastic Multiplayer game.  The multiplayer is fun to go in with a couple of friends and just mess around.    There is so much to do in the open world of Liberty City, which is based off of New York City.  Sometimes it's just fun to turn friendly fire on and kill each other non stop.  Sometimes its fun to get you and a bunch of your friends in a car and go on a killing rampage.  It's good for some  stupid, mindless fun.  The single player has an amazing story that follows the protagonist Niko Bellic, an immigrant who comes to America because of the bullshit stories from his cousin, Roman Bellic.  The one thing that pisses me off is when Roman constantly calls you in game and says things like, "Niko my cousin!  Let's go bowling!"  Other than that GTA IV is perfect.  I have not gotten a chance to get the add-ons yet but I will write an article when I get a chance to play them. Sorry for such a short article, it's late and I have to sleep. Peace out guys! :)


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